Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Are Back! Bug....Finding a Home...Mine

After a long hiatus, we are back in our new format - fostering. No longer a rescue, Silverwalk Hounds is now Silverwalk Fosters, working with some wonderful families and rescues to cont. to save lives and get the word out about Beagles in need.

Remi or, as I call him, Bug, is a recent foster failure.
And, as I support and post about Beagles in need on Facebook, I've missed the readers and bloggers with more open minds and constructive comments than I mostly see in social media. It is so nice to be back reading blogs and writing comments again. I've been reading off and on but....

As you can see with Bug, not all my fosters moved on to their rescues or other families. Bug was found as a puppy with an adult sow, eating her corn (and she let him). His rescue said he pooped corn for three days. He is fully grown, about 2 years old now, and why he wasn't adopted before he came to me to "foster" I'll never know. While he looks cuddly, he prefers to be independent unless you're walking by and he can snag a belly rub. Oh, yeah! In this photo, we are visiting friends who, when their dgo family changes, may take him in (if I can let him go!). He is such a chow hound. When food came out for the family dogs, Bug leaped off my lap, zoomed under the tripod GSD mix, flipped that BIG dog's head out of his way, and proceeded to eat his food! Bug is a confident dog.  He was quickly rescued before Chase could react to such unorthodox infringement to his supper. 

Rub my belly but don't put me on your lap, please

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